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March 31, 2011

It’s that time of year again, when water cooler talk centers on the latest office prank or nostalgia for last year’s best hoax. Some are generic, while others are passed on like an office legend. People tend to remember jokes that are especially creative, funny, or in some cases, borderline cruel. This year we are asking readers to submit their own April Fools Day experiences. Does your story top these?

Here are some of the best/ worst pranks that made CareerBuilder’s 2010 prank list:

  1. Put goldfish in the water cooler
  2. Everyone called in sick at five-minute intervals
  3. Crazy glued coffee cup to desk
  4. Wrapped everything in someone's cubicle in wrapping paper

While the pranks above may agitate a few co-workers, the hoaxes below ended up getting the employee fired … or worse! Here are a few pranks to stay away from:

Don’t Fake a Robbery – A clothing store employee learned the hard way that robberies are no laughing matter. The employee prank called her boss to report a robbery in progress. In addition to losing her job, she also had to face cops and possible criminal charges!

Don’t Taser Your Team – A police deputy thought it would be humorous to go around zapping colleagues (and apparently a few unlucky civilians) with his stun gun. Not surprisingly the deputy lost his stun gun, and his job.

Don’t Kill the Mayor – Two radio DJs decided to play a prank on the local community by announcing the mayor had died in a car crash. After the mayor couldn’t be contacted, the rumor quickly circulated. In the end, the joke was the end of their jobs.

Don’t Hire Hit Men … Even if They Are Fake – A manager hired two of his staff to arrive at company party and liven it up with a fake robbery. The fake robbers showed up drunk, with a shotgun for show. Needless to say, the manager is no longer employed at the company.

Do you have an April Fools Day experience of your own? Whether you were the prankster, victim, or just an innocent bystander, we want to hear your story.


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