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December 16, 2010

One of HR professionals’ biggest worries for holiday parties is that people won’t enjoy themselves, according to a recent BLR poll. However, HR pros may want to refocus their attention to a different group of guests, those that have too much fun.

Holiday parties have many positive effects on an organization, from boosting morale to strengthening interdepartmental relationships. However, a recent survey from Adecco, Workplace Holiday Parties Breed Bad Behavior, found that holiday work parties tend to bring out holiday mischief. According to the findings, forty percent of workers report they have either done something inappropriate or embarrassing or know someone who has at a work holiday party.

Findings on bad behavior at work holiday parties:

  • 23% know someone who has been reprimanded by their employer for their behavior
  • 20% have had too much to drink
  • 14% know someone who has been fired because of their behavior
  • 7% have said something inappropriate to a colleague
  • 7% have regretted something they’ve done or said
  • 4% have said something inappropriate to their boss
  • 3% have had a fling with a colleague

Here are some real life holiday mishaps from Forbes blog:

  • An employee took off his shirt while singing karaoke
  • An employee drank too much, tried to fight the CFO, and was taken away by police in handcuffs
  • An employee screamed, “I hate my job” in front of her boss
  • An employee confessed his love to a co-worker

Do you have any work holiday party stories? Share your experience with us at HR Strange but True!



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