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February 21, 2008

Last week we told you a tale, submitted by one of our readers, that we thought might be too incredible to be true. But now, after receiving a couple of new reader submissions, we're about ready to believe anything.

Last week's story was about a job candidate who, after a pretty good interview, scooped up his would-be co-workers' lunch money off the receptionist's desk and made a break for it, leaving the stunned interviewer standing there, still holding his résumé--with his name and current address.

"I totally believe the story," another reader wrote this week. "We had two men who came in to apply for jobs. They talked to the front desk HR person, completed their résumés, and turned them in to HR. They then proceeded to go out to the parking lot and break into employees' cars!"

"Of course, when confronted because someone noticed the men sneaking around the cars and trying to open doors, they dropped a bag they had taken from someone's vehicle and ran off," the reader continued. "Well, it wasn't TOO difficult to just give their applications to the police, who just drove over to their house and waited for them! Strange, but true! No need for an intelligence test there! LOL."

And then we received this equally strange, though not very humorous, submission:

"I was working for the HR department of a large insurer when this happened," the reader wrote. "One of our clerical staff looked up from her desk to find a state trooper crouched next to her, pointing a very large revolver. Apparently, he had chased a kid through our campus, past security, and into our area."

"The kid had stolen a car, jumped out and left it on the highway, and run through the woods barefoot until he arrived in our building. Before we could bat an eye, the trooper had the kid down on the floor in the middle of our office with his knee on his chest and the gun pointing at his head and told him if he moved, he would, 'crush his skull like a grape.'"

"We all stood there with our mouths open in amazement," the reader continued. "Like most HR operations, our HR department was predominantly female, but the two top positions were male. They had run into a back office and locked the door, hiding on the floor behind a desk and leaving us females unprotected! We just stood there as the trooper dragged the kid out of the office, with the kid yelling, 'Please help me, he's going to kill me.' It was like a scene out of Cops!"

Just another boring day in HR.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: We can't get enough of this stuff (it certainly makes our job easier). We invite you to submit your own strange-but-true workplace tales. Just indicate how you would like to be identified, if at all.

Source: Loyal Readers

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