HR Strange But True!
April 14, 2011

Nothing could keep this candidate from making it to their interview, according to a SBT reader. Not even if it meant breaking parole!

Here’s the SBT reader’s interview experience:

The SBT reader—the hiring manager in this case—recently had a gentleman come into their office and hand in a job application. He was well dressed and very polite. Since there was going to be a position opening up soon, the hiring manager decided to do a preliminary interview.
The manager was reading down his application and asking him general questions when they came to the section about felony convictions. He had checked yes. The manager asked if he cared to talk about it and the applicant said, "I have 2 felonies ... for murder."
The job applicant went on in full detail of the two murders he committed and the length of his sentence. Then, he confessed that he wasn't supposed to be in the office because he hadn't received permission from his parole officer to leave the county.

Thank you HRSBT reader. We appreciate you sharing your story with us.

Point to remember: In most instances, an employer may inquire about a prior conviction record; however, refusing to hire all applicants with a prior conviction without a business necessity justification may be discriminatory under Title VII if it disqualifies a disproportionate number of minority applicants. In addition, some states and municipalities prohibit employers from inquiring about arrests or convictions on job applications (known as “ban the box” laws).

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