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April 05, 2012

It’s not uncommon to hear comparisons between sports and the workplace. Both involve teamwork, goals, and competition. Here are a few recent HR-related articles that dive into the sport’s arena.

What Does Lin-Sanity Have to Do with the Workplace?—While New York Knicks Guard Jeremy Lin may be injured, the business world can still learn a few lessons from the sports star.

Celebrity Jurors—Anyone can be called to serve jury duty, even this Lakers star.

Are Your IT Workers Feeling the Effects of March Madness?—Forty-two percent of IT professionals say March Madness has impacted their company's network in the past, according to a recent survey. Of those affected, 37 percent report their networks have slowed down, while 34 percent report March Madness activity has shut down their networks.

High School Athletes Win at Work, Too—Greater participation in high school sports has led to several positive outcomes for women in the labor force, including a greater presence in previously male-dominated fields, according to research by Betsey Stevenson of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

How Can You Get a Bigger Pension? Practice, Practice, Practice—The old joke—How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice—has a 2010 twist in South Korea. If you want a bigger pension from the government, practice, practice, practice—especially your sit spin and triple Lutz!

63% of NLF Players Were Injured in 2010—NFL players are sustaining more injuries, according to an NFL Players Association (NFLPA) report. The data show that in 2010, 63 percent of players sustained at least one injury per year, and 16 percent of players were placed on the Injured Reserve (IR) list.

Armchair Manager: What Sports Can Teach Us About Management—One of the reasons I enjoy sports is the human dynamic at work in every sporting endeavor, says business and leadership blogger Dan Oswald. Oswald recently offerd his thoughts on sports and management.

Do you have a strange story about sports in the workplace? Tell us your tale!

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