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October 06, 2011

There is no area in the workplace that doesn’t require the involvement of Human Resources, including, some say, the restroom. Yes, bathrooms are the next frontier for corporate communications!

Both and are reporting that bathrooms may become a “communication nexus,” and you know that someone will want HR to lead the way. Several experiments have already been conducted on communicating to this “captive audience.” reports that Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center created a “Privy Press” that was posted above toilet paper holders at eye level and found that the doctors, staffers, and volunteers did indeed read the postings because they were well informed of the contents. says that Management Consultant Tudor William partnered with Mount Saint Vincent College in Nova Scotia to test if a “news center” placed in company restrooms would be effective. The study found that bulletin boards within stalls were being defaced and damaged, and those placed above towel dispensers weren’t read. However, placing the news centers right by the bathroom door resulted in employees stopping for 30 to 40 seconds for a quick read.

Believing that more people use the restroom than read the intranet, Blogging4Jobs says other companies are posting quick bulletins in restrooms about company breaking news and emergency announcements about things like severe weather.

And Blogging4Jobs blogger Jessica Miller-Merrell reports one company even piped in prerecorded announcements into restrooms along with the Muzak. also reports that an advertising agency has put whiteboards in the restrooms so that employees can post their own messages, poems, and even jokes. “The girls love it,” reports the CEO.

But, teases’s Russell Working, don’t get so carried away with restroom communications that you print United Way announcements on the toilet paper.


Has your HR department had to deal with restroom issues? Tell us your story!

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