HR Strange But True!
May 15, 2008

In recent weeks we have been airing some of your HR dirty laundry, both self-confessed mea culpas, and, more commonly, examples of you folks gleefully throwing your colleagues and superiors under the bus. Today we bring you three more tawdry tales.

No Great Shakes

"Once, I interviewed with a MAJOR retail distribution center for a recruiter position. The person who was supposed to be recruiting me took two cell phone calls and ate Cheetos DURING our interview. Needless to say, I declined the handshake at the end of our extremely short 10 minute interview -- especially after she licked her orange fingers when she finished off her snack. I politely declined the job offer...."

Tell Us How You Really Feel

"Our former HR rep (who was later handed the Office Manager position) was the MOST inappropriate person for the job I've ever seen. Her primary passion was (and is) herself. She can't keep employees' names straight, and gets defensive when the employees correct her (she's been here almost 3 years now). When she first was given the management position, she sent out an e-mail to some contacts, ostensibly to introduce them to her replacement in the HR/Safety role (yours truly). She did not copy me on the e-mail, but several of the recipients forwarded it on to me because they were so taken aback by its contents. The entire e-mail was pretty much 'Guess what, I've been promoted, I've only been here 18 months but I'm the new little princess here, and I'll be doing thus and so from A-Z and isn't it grand that I'm so special?' The last sentence was, 'From now on, the person taking over some of my old duties (although she WILL NOT BE IN A SUPERVISORY POSITION AND WILL STILL REPORT TO ME) is (my misspelled name).' The caps were in the original, and she provided NO contact info: My phone number, e-mail, etc. were all missing. This woman is single-handedly destroying morale throughout our entire company, but she's a good little boot-licking corporate bobble head, so she's now the HR Manager as well as the Office Manager. Our turnover has increased almost 25 percent since she's been here."

That's Why She's the Director

"The head of IT, his network administrator, and I, the HR manager, conducted a technical interview for a junior network administrator. When the offer letter was taken to the director for sign-off, we were told that there were concerns. Her concerns were that the proposed candidate would not stay with us for long. When asked why, because she was not in the interview and had only seen the candidate's resume, the reply was that her 'gut instinct and intuition' told her so. So, is there a crystal ball in HR???"

We just can't get enough of these, so please keep sending us your mortifying moments.

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