HR Strange But True!
April 21, 2011

Food has found its way into all aspects of the workplace. Here are 10 of our favorite HRSBT food-themed articles. Enjoy!

  1. Cupcake Economics? -- Unemployment rates across the nation have been high for some time, but not all industries are suffering. However, one particular food industry seems to have its own recipe for sweet success.
  2. Is Your Job Bad for Your Waistline? -- If you’ve gained weight while in your current job, your job itself may be partially to blame, according to a survey.
  3. This Job Ad Smells Yummy -- We want our federal agencies to think outside of the box to solve problems. But when an agency needed to recruit security officers, it thought on the box—a pizza delivery box!
  4. It Stinks! Workplace Refrigerators Are Disgustingly Dirty -- This new workplace terror is stomach-turning—literally. Communal fridges are the new workplace hazard!
  5. Most Caffeinated Careers? -- Which profession has the strongest coffee drinking workforce? Nurses, according to this survey.
  6. Exchanging Rings under Golden Arches -- It looks like weddings in the workplace may be catching on, as one fast-food giant is now offering McWeddings in select locations.
  7. Workplace Safety Concern Poses Culinary Conundrum -- Research in Europe, the home of haute cuisine, may pose a profound workplace safety conundrum and a shift for chefs.
  8. Thinking Can Make Employees Eat More, Says Study -- If your employees are constantly munching at work, it's a good sign and not the failure of your wellness program. A study shows that intellectual activity makes people eat more calories!
  9. Lunchboxes--They're Recession Chic -- In this cold economy, one item is hot--lunchboxes for grownups. With restaurant meals and delivered deli just too expensive, these devices allow cost-cutting employees to brown bag it, but still feel trendy--and eco-conscious.
  10. The Way to Employees' Hearts Is Through Their Stomachs! You may soon be getting your workplace tips from Paula Deen, Bobby Flay, and Rachel Ray, according to Food 2.0--Secrets from the Chef Who Fed Google (DK Publishing, 2008). In it, super chef Charlie Ayers touts serving "brainfood" onsite to make employees content--and productive.

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