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February 16, 2012
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Here is a collection of stories about employees getting into trouble over their Facebook posts. There’s even one HR manager who made the “social media slipup” list.

HR Manager Busted for Jury Duty Scam—While most people dread receiving a jury duty summons in the mail, one HR manager went out of her way to forge one. Her second mistake was posting her activities to her Facebook page.

Hey Pilots, Stay off Facebook During Flights—The Federal Aviation Administration has had to issue a reminder that will probably strike fear in the heart of some travelers because it seems like something you shouldn't have to tell pilots: They shouldn't be using their personal computers or other personal electronic devices during flights.

'Disabled' Belly Dancer Was Workin’ It, but Not Working—A judge on Staten Island saw enough on social media when a woman who had received a settlement because she was too disabled to work blogged how she belly danced and “undulated” several hours every day for 3 years—and posted the pictures to prove it!

City Hall Employees Offered Counseling for Facebook Use—Over 20 Dallas City Hall employees have gotten into hot water for Facebook use. One employee reportedly spent nearly 70 hours on the social media site within a 3-month period.

Chippendales Fan Says She Lost Sick-Leave Benefits over Facebook Photos—A woman who's on sick leave for depression says an insurance company cancelled her benefits because photos on her Facebook account showed her cracking a smile while on vacation and at a Chippendales show, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports.

Pirates’ ‘Pierogi’ Fired for Facebook Faux Pas—It’s a dream job for a Pirates baseball fan—dressing like a Mrs. T's pierogi and racing three other pierogi mascots around PNC Park during the fifth-inning stretch. You get paid $25, and no one knows who you are. However, a 2-year veteran who came out on Facebook to criticize the team just got canned!

Tips for employers. Over the past year, there have been a growing number of employment law cases concerning employees’ use of social media. The disputes ask a tricky question: “Can you terminate employment based on an employee’s Facebook or other social media posting?”

James Shea, partner at the Hartford, Connecticut, office of Jackson Lewis, LLP, offered tips on steps to take before terminating or disciplining an employee based on electronic communications. Read, My Employee Said What on Facebook?!

Share your own strange experiences with social media in the workplace. We'd love to hear from you.

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