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November 30, 2006

We must give credit where credit is due: We loved Steve Smith's MediaPost's Mobile Insider article on the unlikely comeback being staged by Fabio, the male model/pop culture icon whose 15 minutes seemed to have (mercifully) expired several years ago.

But we were even happier when we found an excuse for sharing it with you, our loyal HR Strange but True readers. The peg? A series of video "Fabio-Grams" on office etiquette that you can e-mail to your friends and colleagues.

To access them, you must first go to the hysterical "I can't Believe It's Not Butter Kitchen of Love" home page where you'll be greeted by Fabio ("Welcome to my kitchen -- you look wonderful in it. Feel free to essplore ...."). Next, you need to click on Fabio-Grams Tips and Etiquette (hint: It's located next to the countertop burners). Fabio will invite you to "Send some of my wisdom to your friends."

You then can choose from a menu of Fabio-Gram categories: Everyday Romance, Looking Fabulous, Chivalrous Emergencies, and Office Etiquette. We, of course, chose Office Etiquette, and found that Fabio offers his wisdom on the following topics:

  • Avoid Deadline Disasters
  • Office Romance
  • Dress for Success
  • New Meaning of "Meetings"
  • Amazing Arrival
  • Pen Pals
Our favorites include Avoid Deadline Disasters ("If you have missed a deadline at work, remind your boss that there is no timetable for love"), Amazing Arrival ("Always show up 5 minutes late to a meeting so you can make your grand entrance"), and Dress for Success ("Change outfits at work at least three times a day to keep people interested -- and to keep them guessing").

All work and no play makes your editors even duller than usual, so we ventured out of Office Etiquette and into Looking Fabulous, where Fabio advised us, "Don't forget the power of the hair flip -- it never fails to get you attention," and "Reading makes you look intelligent. Always have a book with you. A big one. The bigger the book, the smarter the man."

We don't want to reveal more -- we'd rather you "essplore" for yourself. One warning though: We can't vouch for the reliability of the Fabio-Gram e-mail feature. As of this writing, we are still awaiting the arrival of the test e-mails we sent. But hey, you can always forward this issue of HR Strange but True to your friends using the handy link in the top right box of your ezine. We know that works.

Sources: MediaPost's Mobile Insider and Kitchen of Love

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