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January 13, 2011

Working long hours in your cubicle may leave you feeling stressed out, exhausted, and maybe even a little hungry. To combat workplace weariness, check out these one-of-a-kind office gadgets and knick-knacks that can help make your cubicle comfortable, especially during rough days in the office.

Here are some of our favorite gadgets from a JobMob blog on "weird and unusual (but cool) office gadgets":

  • USB Air-Conditioned Shirt—Is the stress of a deadline making you a little hot? Cool down with a USB air-conditioned shirt.
  • Portable Sleeping Cube—Napping at work has never been so comfortable—or easy—than with Nappak's portable sleeping cube. Just be sure your company allows naps before you inflate this cubicle-sized mattress.
  • Bright Blinds—For those of you who hate never seeing daylight at work, try Bright Blinds. These illuminated wall hangings simulate windows.
  • USB Paper Shredder—This mini-handheld paper shredder plugs right into your USB outlet on your computer.
  • Custom Badge Holder—Accessorize and spruce up your name tag to make it different from those of your co-workers.
  • USB Stylus Pen—This pen is equipped with its own USB storage device.
  • Staple-Free Stapler—No more puncture wounds from sharp staples; this stapler cuts and folds up to 5 pages in place of a staple.
  • USB Posture Monitor—Use this gadget and your head will never hit the desk. This ergonomic-friendly gadget flashes red if you start to slouch.
  • USB Beverage Chiller—You will never have a warm drink again with the USB beverage chiller at your desk. It plugs right into your USB port on your computer and keeps your drink ice cold all day.
  • Business Card File Cabinet—This tiny cabinet holds your business cards.
  • Bacon-Flavored Envelopes—Here's one for all the bacon lovers out there. The makers of this office stationery believe that "everything should taste like baconTM," including envelope seals!



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