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November 18, 2010

The job hunt can be intimidating process. Employers can use multiple platforms to reach applicants, and jobseekers can easily be overwhelmed deciding where to focus their efforts. However, not all new hires come from an application as these 5 stories show. Sometimes when you’re waiting to hear back from a company, the best thing to do is wait on the boss!

Here are 5 situations where people met their new boss.

In the Elevator. Elevator rides are usually brief and silent. However, if it's part of your daily routine, you may find yourself bumping into the same group of people, and possibly striking up a conversation. These exchanges, while short, can be a great opportunity, as one man found out. He was on the elevator, and little did he know, a friendly conversation about his current job and his future goals was actually a mini-interview with his future boss.

Waiting in a Restaurant. Mistaken identity can be a great opportunity to meet people, as one woman can vouch for. She walked into a restaurant and was approached by a group of men who mistook her for an interviewee they were waiting for. She engaged in conversation and they were impressed. They asked her to stop by the office and she got the job.

Waiting on Your Future Boss. The customer is always right—especially when it’s your future boss! One professional has hired the person waiting on his table. Why? According to him, he’s always looking for people with excellent customer service skills, and what's a better way to gauge it than stepping into the customer’s shoes?

In the Air. Similar to elevator rides, the person next to you on an airplane could help your career takeoff. For example, a recruitment manager asked a fellow passenger for a pen, which led to a conversation with the woman. By the time the plane landed, the recruitment manager asked the acquaintance to send him her résumé.

In the Studio. A man discovered that you can get a job doing what you love. He was hired after talking to a fellow classmate in a drawing class. His passion for drawing translated as work ethic, and he started work at the classmate’s visual effects studio the next day!

Have you ever hired someone in a strange way? Submit your story.


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