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September 27, 2007

A while back, we passed along some tips for dealing with overly aggressive and abrasive bosses courtesy of Laura Crawshaw, the self-styled "Boss Whisperer."

In her new book, Taming the Abrasive Manager: How to End Unnecessary Roughness in the Workplace, Crawshaw offers insights she says will enable individuals and organizations to get bad bosses to back off and behave in a civilized manner.

One of her premises is that bully bosses don't intentionally set out to harm employees, but rather lack the ability to read others' emotions and are blind to the wounds they inflict.

The key for employees is to try to empathize with the boss's fears that  he or she doesn't  know what to do or how to do it, and then to allay those fears in order help the boss change for the better.

But if you feel your boss is too far gone to respond to empathy or other tactics (nonviolent, please), the least you can do is to try to save others from your fate. And that's where eBossWatch comes into the picture.

eBossWatch invites employees to "Help others who are considering a career change by warning them about a bad boss or recommending a great boss." You simply enter your boss's first and last name, company name, city, and state, and then rate your boss by indicating to what extent you agree or disagree with six statements:

  • I feel like there is open and honest communication between my boss and me.
  • I feel like my boss cares about me as a person.
  • I feel like my boss cares about my career development.
  • I trust and respect my boss.
  • I like working for my boss.
  • I recommend this person as a good boss to work for.

Job seekers can look up the names of prospective managers and companies, and, if they find them, get a report for $3.99 a pop.

Being the dogged investigative journalists we are, we couldn't resist checking to see whether any of our bosses had made the list. And, lo and behold, there was BLR's big boss, our capo di tutti capi. Curiosity eventually won the tug-of-war with our stinginess, and we shelled out the $3.99.

Imagine our surprise when we saw nothing but favorable ratings. Perfect, even. So good that we really had to wonder who had submitted the information (shame on you, Bob -- and we do plan to expense that $3.99).

The flip side of eBossWatch is Jerk-Free Jobs, a place where "jerk-free companies" (they exist?) can post job openings for $250 a month per job. To qualify for posting, a company must meet one of two criteria:

"1. Confirmation that your company has received a workplace award or ranking (e.g.: Best Companies to Work For, Best Employers, etc.); or,
2. Confirmation from an external consultant verifying his or her assessment of your company's status as a great workplace."

And yes, BLR would qualify.

Sources: Taming the Abrasive Manager, eBossWatch

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