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June 30, 2011

Have you been wondering how you’re going to make it through this summer without the annual family trip? Fear not! offers a solution.

Tony Lee, the website’s publisher, says that "most people don't use the full vacation days they deserve for fear of repercussions from their boss, or because they prefer to cash in their vacation days rather than take the time off." If what Mr. Lee says is true for most people also applies to you, consider these tips at work whenever you find yourself daydreaming about the beach:

Set the Timer—Set times for when you will check and respond to e-mails during the day so that projects can be finished without all the sidetracks and interruptions.

Hop on the Musical Time Machine—Listen to music from your favorite vacation spot or memory. Most Internet radio stations stream a variety of music all day.

Take a Walk—Stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Walk with a co-worker and talk about work (… or something else).

Say Good-Bye to Clutter—“Clean Space, Clean Mind.” Keeping your work space clean will make you feel more organized and can make work seem less overbearing.

Relax—Take 10 minutes to get centered in a quiet place, away from your desk.

Unplug Yourself—While on break, leave the computer, the BlackBerry®, the iPad, etc. Give yourself some distance from technology that keeps you attached to office affairs at all times.

Network Shamelessly—Use downtime to catch up with friends and colleagues.

Go Outside—Make some time to eat outside and soak up some vitamin D.

Don’t Skimp on Lunch—Good food and good conversation go well together. During a hard day, use your entire lunch hour to exchange stories and share laughs over a meal with co-workers to recharge.

It’s easy to forget that while at work, one’s own health and wellness are vital to one’s productivity and engagement. Allow yourself to be refreshed whenever the office air starts to go stale. And lead by example. If you show yourself that these tips really work, your co-workers (and your boss) are bound to notice.


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