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December 06, 2007

Are you having trouble recruiting Gen X and Y applicants? It could be that your waiting area is turning them off.

An article in Entrepreneur explains that the use of color ca n definitely give your company a competitive advantage in making an impression on would-be workers, so you may want to rethink that old industrial olive décor.

Color. Color makes a lasting impression after only 90 seconds and subconsciously influences perceptions of quality and intelligence, says, and ca n be a criti ca l factor in decision-making--such as whether to work for your company.

While you may be basing your color scheme on your "branding" color, your choice should be based on your industry be ca use color creates a predetermined response.

If you are a high-tech company, grays with intense accent colors like reds, pinks, and purples convey a cutting-edge corporate culture. Burgundy elicits feelings of prestige and importance (great for public relations and finance); subtle shades of blue connote reliability, constancy, and quality (thinks manufacturing, accounting, and service industries). Or if your company wants to represent the eco-conscious trend in the business world, fresh tones of sage green and sunshine yellows are the way to go.

Wood furniture and trims should be a light stain with a low sheen, reports, and while real leather upholstery if definitely out, faux leather with embossing in earthy tones is very in. Upholstery made of organic fibers with lots of texture is also au courant. So ditch that dark old Early Ameri ca n furniture with the little eagles in the pattern!

Clutter. Those bowling trophies and plastic flower arrangements may be sending out bad vibes to people filling out your appli ca tions. Younger workers have an aversion to clutter, so go feng shui and declutter your waiting area. And you may want to try repositioning furniture so everything isn't at right angles.

And while you are at it, throw out those Time magazines from the past century!

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