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January 05, 2012

Surveillance cameras can be effective tools in workplace investigations, as these employees found out. Here are a few of the most outrageous employee acts caught on tape.

The Case of the Hot Dog Thief—Recently, a man was terminated for stealing from his employer. What was in his loot? That would be two leftover hot dogs from the company Fourth of July picnic.

'Mr. Unstable' Becomes Mr. Unemployed—Personal hygiene is important, but taking a bath in the sink at work isn’t the best way to go about it. An Ohio Burger King employee has learned that hard lesson after taking a dip in the industrial sink at the restaurant after work.

Employers, Meet Generation YouTube—You are working at a donut shop and you are getting robbed. What do you do? This employee fought back, but not to protect his place of business—he did it to protect his reputation. 

Worst Stab at Workplace Excuse—A Blockbuster employee reported he was attacked by three individuals near his workplace. Police arrived to investigate and found the employee with a stab wound on his leg along with cuts on his face and abdomen. However, after reviewing the surveillance video, the police found no evidence of an attack in the video and confronted the employee.

Workers Give New Meaning to ‘Burning the Competition’—A strip club in Atlanta was losing business to a competitor. Employees met to discuss their options for regaining the edge. They settled on burning down the rival, prosecutors say.

Cable Guy Falls Asleep in Front of TV, Loses Job—Cable companies must have a reason to use such long appointment windows—see you from 8 a.m. to Noon, or Noon to 5 p.m.—but we doubt it is for the cable guy to take a nap on your sofa.

Not a Poster Boy for Customer Service—The Philadelphia Gas Works reached a $4,500 settlement with a customer who complained that a PGW worker urinated—and worse—on his valuable sports-card collection during a service call to Sims’ home.

The Key to Reserved Parking at Work—What would you do if you had a reserved parking space at work and someone else parked in it? If you want to avoid the long arm of the law, you probably should avoid keying the person’s car, especially if there are video surveillance cameras around.

Tumble Dry on Stupid—The Greater Manchester Fire Service in England has suspended four firefighters after one of them went for a spin in a tumble dryer as the others laughed and filmed the stunt, the Scotsman reports.

Has your organization ever caught an employee red-handed? Tell us your tale.

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