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February 07, 2008

Laura Stack, a productivity specialist and author of Leave the Office Earlier, is offering tips on how to leave the office early on Valentine's Day and focus on enjoying your time with your significant other.

She says hectic work schedules can ruin Valentine's Day celebrations, noting that all many of us are asking for is the undivided attention of our loved ones.

The following are her six tips to help you create an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

  1. Plan before you leave work. "Double-check your planner and organize activities for the next day before you leave the office on Valentine's Day. Getting tomorrow's tasks out of your head and on to paper will help you leave work at work, so that you can be fully present with your partner that night.
  2. Make any last-minute calls on the way home (Safety note from Remember to use a hand-free device if you must use a mobile phone while driving). "While you're on your way home, finish any leftover 'business' conversations. When you see your loved one in person, you will be ready to focus on the romance. If you make a call list before leaving the office, it will help ensure you don't forget anyone."
  3. Get a babysitter. "If you have children, and your goal is to give extra attention to your loved one, this is not the evening to let the children tag along. Even if you are not the one who usually makes these arrangements, surprise your loved one by taking the initiative and booking a sitter yourself."
  4. Find something that relaxes both of you. "Since Valentine's Day falls on a weekday, by the time you are finally together, you will each have dealt with the pressures of work. So find a way to relax before your special 'date' to decompress. Draw a nice bath for two or get a couples' massage. That can set the stage for a perfect Valentine's night."
  5. Be present. "If you spend the evening in, avoid the tendency to multitask at home. Some people don't feel productive when they're not doing four things at once, but all of your attention should be directed to your Valentine."
  6. Turn off the phone. "One thing that is sure to ruin the mood on Valentine's night is a ringing phone, especially if the caller ID shows it's a colleague, leaving you curious and distracted. Make it easy on everyone and turn the phone off for the night. Your Valentine will love you for it."

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