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July 29, 2009

In the doldrums of summer, when managers are on vacation and employees are tempted to goof off, workers may be using their writing talents to vent about you and your company on “rant sites” where they can discuss the injustices they are suffering.

The dictionary says ranting means “discourse that is excessive or unrestrained”-- that certainly describes some of the content of these sites.

SBT did its own investigation of five of the most popular rant sites:

Home page says “Inside information about the jobs and employers we love--and hate. And for newbie research, “Jobvent is the website for people who are about to start a new job, and want to see what other people think of working there.” Posts Top 10 “I Love My Job”” ratings--and Top 10 “I Hate My Job” ratings.

Home page says “The Online Community for Venting Job Frustrations! We Don't Judge.” Oh, Oh--has ads for employment attorneys!

Home page says “Boss Bitching is a user-driven social content website that allows anonymous postings of stories about bosses and a way to comment.” Readers can rate stories as: 1) Boss Is a P****, 2) Sounds bad, 3) Stop Complaining!

Home page says “Stressed at work? Thinking ‘I hate my job,' ‘I hate my boss,' or ‘I hate my co-workers'? You need a Workrant! Rant away all your work rage -- anonymously -- and ease the frustration.” Let's employees post their rants on FaceBook. Caution: site also lets employees post videos.

Home page says “Your Daily Rant and Sarcasm Fix.” Site gives advice and takes donations to help fund it becoming a print media. Readers can give comments, their own advice, and Blogger's Choice Awards.

Do you allow workers to blog at work? A survey by Awareness, Inc. says 69 percent of you do (up from 37 percent in 2007). Many employers choose to do this on the theory that if you take action, you draw attention to the blog or Internet activity--ditto with employees blogging on their own time.

You might want to visit these sites when you are goofing off to see if your company--or your managers--appear.

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