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August 26, 2009

If two of the responses to last week's call for strange employee complaints about co-workers are any indication, maybe the devil does wear Prada.

Readers of HR Strange but True! sent us the following examples of odd employee complaints about co-workers.

As you can see, some people would like to make employment decisions based on the purse someone carries or the hairstyle an employee chooses.

“I had a manager come tell me she didn't want to hire an applicant because her purse was fake.”

“HR was approached by a manager not long ago. He insisted we fire one of his receptionists right away. When asked for a reason, he told us that ‘her hairstyle is old-fashioned' and the hair style ‘doesn't fit with the styles of the other receptionists.' When asked about her performance, the manager reported she was a good worker and got along well with co-workers and patients, but that her old-fashioned hair style was making the other receptionists unhappy and disrupting the workplace as the other receptionists were talking about it all the time. Needless to say, the receptionist still has her job. Can't say as much for the manager.”

Another common source of employee complaints seems to be the noise co-workers create, sometimes in the strangest ways.

“Employee crunches too loud when they eat.”

“I had an employee complain that one of the salesperson's shirts was too loud. Seriously. Not just a phrase to describe a particularly bright pattern, but that the starch in his shirt from the professional laundering created too much noise when he walked around the showroom. Good grief.”

Finally, we have the most bizarre complaint we received.

“Employee swore I was involved in a murder that took place in our small town the night before.”

Source: HR Strange but True! Readers

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