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April 03, 2008

When we think of workplace pranks, we like the gentle kind, like taking a colleague's stapler and placing it in Jell-o (as seen on The Office), but many of the following 10 examples seem downright mean. recently conducted a survey that asked respondents if they have ever initiated or have been on the receiving end of an April Fools' Day prank at work. Of the 6,800 workers who took the survey, 32 percent said yes.

The survey also asked respondents to submit their stories about office pranks. identified the following 10 workplace pranks as the most memorable submissions. Are they all harmless? You be the judge.

  • Placed a pair of pants and shoes inside the only toilet stall in a men's room to make it appear someone was using the stall. It sat there for hours until someone called security to check if the person had died.
  • Sent a fake love note to a co-worker from another co-worker.
  • All the women in office individually spoke to the president, each one confiding that she is pregnant. By noon, he "knew" that all of his female workers were pregnant and he could not tell anyone because each asked for confidentiality.
  • Called electric company, used a co-worker's name (and personal information) and said he was moving so the electricity got turned off at the co-worker's house.
  • Filled the vending soda machine with cans of beer.
  • Adjusted the sprayer in the kitchen sink to squirt co-workers when they turned on the water.
  • Placed a sign on the restroom door that read, "The Company ran out of toilet tissue; please use your own resources."
  • Paged a co-worker over the loud speaker claiming the CEO was looking for him. The worker went into the CEOs office and the CEO didn't know who he was or why he was there.
  • Shrink-wrapped everything in a co-worker's cubicle.
  • Put a '"house for sale'" ad in the newspaper regarding a co-worker's home.


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