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What steps has your company taken to prevent workplace violence?
We’ve both created a policy and trained employees.
We’ve created and posted a policy.
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3080Laws & Regulations What workplace/HR topic do your employees have the most misconceptions about? 04/15/14
3078Religious Discrimination Do you currently provide a religious accommodation for any of your employees? 03/31/14
3075Dress Codes Would you hire a job candidate with a visible tattoo? 03/07/14
3072Smoking Does your company address e-cigarettes in its policy regarding smoking? 02/17/14
3070Privacy Are you connected to any of your colleagues on a social network? 01/20/14
3067Hiring Have you ever rehired an employee who had quit? 12/19/13
3063Minimum Wage If the minimum wage goes to $10 per hour, will it affect your company? 11/20/13
3061Termination (with Discharge) What is the best day of the week to give employees bad news? 11/07/13
3059Wellness How effective is your organization’s wellness program? 10/24/13
3057Leadership How would you rate your relationship with your immediate supervisor? 10/03/13
3056Hiring Does your organization actively recruit veterans? 09/19/13
3050Hours of Work Does your organization offer flexible work arrangements? 08/28/13
3047Dress Codes What’s the most frequent summer fashion faux pas at your workplace? 07/24/13
3045Job Descriptions Do you have a Community Manager position at your company? 07/05/13
3044Personnel/ HR Management What is the HR-to-staff ratio at your organization? 06/20/13
3039Electronic Monitoring Does your company have a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy? 05/30/13
3036Hiring Are you hiring interns this summer? 05/15/13
3034Privacy Are you concerned about how Google Glass will affect your workplace? 04/26/13
3032Homeworkers/ Telecommuting Is trust a problem with your telecommuting program? 04/01/13
3029Health Insurance: Play or Pay? Do you know enough about the employer "play or pay" mandate of the ACA to make an informed decision? 02/21/13
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