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19335 155 HR Strange But TrueSexual Harassment The Underwear Policy Current National204
76846 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: City firefighters who volunteer for the county fire protection district Current National192
17590 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: County firefighters/paramedics and sections 3(y) and 7(k) Current National192
17585 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: Off-duty firefighters and section 7(p)(1) Current National192
76865 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: Volunteer firefighters and paid part-time employment Current National192
96521 155 NewsHealthcare Insurance Unionized Massachusetts firefighters extinguish town's insurance changes 02/09/2015 National192
2288 155 GuidanceNLRA Labor Organizing, by State Current National170
76815 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: Firefighters who switch from part-time employees to volunteers and section 3(e)(4)(A) Current National96
91321 155 GuidancePersonal Leave Small Necessities Leave, by State Current National67
90308 155 HR Strange But TrueOffice Parties Colleagues Get Creative with Costumes Current National64
18957 155 HR Strange But TrueSafety and Health Tumble Dry on Stupid Current National64
11019 155 AnalysisFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Current National59
17620 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: Compensability of out-of-town training Current National53
17584 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: Educational incentive pay and section 7(e) Current National53
76858 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: Payments made to forego holidays and section 7(e)(2) Current National53
17599 155 GuidanceFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) DOL Opinion Letter: Section 7(g)(2) and two or more different types of work Current National53
85958 155 HR Strange But TrueTraining Gaming Technology Makes Training Serious Business Current National53
79707 155 HR Strange But TrueLeadership Sky's the Limit for CEO Wannabe Current National53
2556 155 HR Strange But TrueTermination (with Discharge) Firefighter Fired Current National51
17340 155 HR Strange But TrueDiscipline The All-Purpose Excuse: I'm on TV Current National51
2998 155 GuidanceLeave of Absence (FMLA) Family and Medical Leave, by State Current National48
91070 155 GuidanceBackground Checks Background Checks, by State Current National42
1902 155 GuidanceMinimum Wage Minimum Wage, by State Current National32
18168 155 PoliciesEmergency Closings Compensation During Disasters/Emergencies Current National28
11072 155 AnalysisRest Periods Rest Periods Current National28
17332 155 HR Strange But TrueHiring Deja vu all over again Current National25
15655 155 AnalysisExempt Personnel Exempt Personnel Current National25
17717 155 HR Strange But TrueMaternity and Pregnancy Give Birth, Take Exam for Promotion Current National25
17479 155 HR Strange But TrueSmoking Smokey the firefighter Current National25
2272 155 HR Strange But TrueWithholding Smooth move of the week Current National25
17475 155 HR Strange But TrueUnions Ssshh! Labor action in progress Current National25
17414 155 HR Strange But TrueDress Codes Take me to the Heartbreak Hotel Current National25
75535 155 HR Strange But TrueElectronic Monitoring The Voodoo That You Do Current National25
11077 155 AnalysisSelection and Testing Selection and Testing Current National24
93525 155 PowerPointsSafety and Health Home Safety (PPT) Current National22
11052 155 AnalysisOvertime Overtime Current National22
92908 155 Questions & AnswersAdministrative Exemption Are police personnel exempt, i.e. chief asst. chief, captain? 01/07/2013 National21
10259 155 HR Strange But TrueDiscipline Choose: Your Mother or Your Job Current National21
90690 155 HR Strange But TruePersonnel/ HR Management Best of ‘Employees Caught on Camera’ Current National18
96804 155 PoliciesEmergency Closings Leave of Absence--Volunteer Emergency Services Current National18
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