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Alcohol and Drugs
National Summary
Employers faced with alcohol and drug use in the workplace, and the need for employee, testing must be aware of the many laws and regulations governing safety, employee privacy, and disability. The issues involved include both legally mandated and voluntary drug-free workplace programs, discrimination and accommodation, testing, and special requirements for the transportation industry.
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93713faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee just completed drug rehabilitation. What type of paperwork, if any, do we need to obtain from him before he returns to work? 06/05/2013National
82236faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee used all his PTO time and then told us that he needs treatment for alcoholism. What are our obligations under FMLA and ADA? 05/10/2010National
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90640faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we ask an employee about prescription drugs following a positive result in a test for illegal drugs? 12/21/2011National
91748faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we have a policy that employees will be discharged immediately if they test positive for drugs? We are in: IN, IA, NE, ND, IL and WI. 06/12/2012National
80841faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we have law enforcement come in before having a drug testing policy in place? 09/23/2009National
1105timesavers.aspxPolicies Challenge of Drug Screen (Standard)  National
90478state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Components of a Drug-Free Workplace  National
92320state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Conducting a Needs Assessment  National
1570timesavers.aspxForms Consent Form for Substance Searches and Testing of Current Employees  National
16256training.aspxHandouts Dealing With Over-the-Counter Drugs (Spanish/English)  National
16257training.aspxQuizzes Dealing With Over-the-Counter Drugs (Spanish/English)  National
76542training.aspxTraining Talks Dealing With Over-the-Counter Drugs (Training Talk)  National
85035timesavers.aspxPolicies Department of Defense Drug-Free Workplace Act (Standard)  National
1530timesavers.aspxChecklists Developing a Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy  National
90453state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Developing a Drug-Free Workplace Policy  National
16655training.aspxHandouts Drug Abuse (Handout)  National
16958training.aspxQuizzes Drug Abuse (Quiz)  National
76557training.aspxTraining Talks Drug Abuse (Training Talk)  National
16507timesavers.aspxPolicies Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (Alternative)  National
16075timesavers.aspxPolicies Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation - Employee Assistance Programs (Sample)  National
2290state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Drug and Alcohol Testing, by State  National
91399state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Drug and Alcohol Testing, by State (PDF)  National
78065timesavers.aspxForms Drug Screening and Inspection Consent Form  National
92319state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Drug Testing in the Workplace  National
16510timesavers.aspxPolicies Drug-Free Workplace Act (Standard)  National
93516timesavers.aspxPolicies Drug-Free Workplace Policy (Sample)  National
15172timesavers.aspxChecklists Drug-Free Workplace: Trainer Compliance Checklist  National
1146timesavers.aspxPolicies Drugs and Alcohol on Company Property Warning  National
2388timesavers.aspxPolicies Drugs and Alcohol Policy (Standard II)  National
1144timesavers.aspxPolicies Drugs and Alcohol Policy (Standard)  National
85656timesavers.aspxForms Employee Acknowledgment Form - Company Drug and Alcohol Policy  National
95091news.aspxNews Failed drug test not enough to deny unemployment benefits 03/19/2014National
90452state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance How to Build Awareness of Your Drug-Free Workplace Program (Fact Sheet)  National
16259training.aspxHandouts Identifying Substance Abuse (Spanish/English)  National
16260training.aspxQuizzes Identifying Substance Abuse (Spanish/English)  National
76601training.aspxTraining Talks Identifying Substance Abuse (Training Talk)  National
90454state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Implementation Guide: Drug-Free Workplace Program  National
90476state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Informing and Educating Employees: Drug-Free Workplace Program  National
93513timesavers.aspxForms Last Chance Agreement  National
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