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National Summary
Principles of ergonomics are used to adapt the needs of the individual to the work environment to prevent worker injuries and reduce related employer costs. Because there is no specific federal ergonomics standard, OSHA has cited many companies under its General Duty Clause. Many industries have their own voluntary ergonomics guidelines.
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76912training.aspxAudio Presentations Back Safety (Audio)  National
76931training.aspxTraining Exercises Back Safety (Exercise 1)  National
76932training.aspxTraining Exercises Back Safety (Exercise 2)  National
76933training.aspxTraining Exercises Back Safety (Exercise 3)  National
76927training.aspxHandouts Back Safety (Handout)  National
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77176training.aspxQuizzes Back Safety (Spanish)  National
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77174training.aspxPowerPoints Back Safety--Spanish (PPT)  National
76567training.aspxTraining Talks Ergonomic Injuries (Training Talk)  National
16201training.aspxHandouts Ergonomic Injuries (Spanish/English)  National
16202training.aspxQuizzes Ergonomic Injuries (Spanish/English)  National
2497timesavers.aspxPolicies Ergonomics (Standard)  National
77587training.aspxHandouts Ergonomics in the Office (Handout)  National
77606training.aspxQuizzes Ergonomics in the Office (Quiz)  National
77681training.aspxTraining Talks Ergonomics in the Office (Training Talk)  National
86648timesavers.aspxChecklists Ergonomics Job Analysis Checklist  National
86649timesavers.aspxChecklists Ergonomics Task Analysis Checklist  National
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77530training.aspxTraining Exercises Ergonomics--Healthcare Workers (Exercise 2)  National
77524training.aspxHandouts Ergonomics--Healthcare Workers (Handout)  National
77523training.aspxPowerPoints Ergonomics--Healthcare Workers (PPT)  National
77528training.aspxTrainer's Guides Ergonomics--Healthcare Workers (Trainer's Guides)  National
15002timesavers.aspxPolicies Office Ergonomics  National
79702training.aspxAudio Presentations Office Ergonomics (Audio)  National
79074training.aspxTraining Exercises Office Ergonomics (Exercise 1)  National
79075training.aspxTraining Exercises Office Ergonomics (Exercise 2)  National
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15022training.aspxHandouts Office Ergonomics: What You Need to Know (Handout)  National
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16285training.aspxQuizzes Safe Lifting Basics (Spanish/English)  National
76564training.aspxTraining Talks Safe Lifting Basics (Training Talk)  National
86651timesavers.aspxChecklists Symptoms Survey Checklist  National
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