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Job Descriptions
National Summary
Accurate job descriptions provide a basis for job evaluation, wage and salary comparisons, and an equitable wage and salary structure. They provide information about the knowledge, training, education, and skills needed for each job. Well-crafted job descriptions prevent unnecessary misunderstandings by telling employees what they need to know about their jobs. They also provide a basis from which to determine whether a disabled applicant is otherwise qualified for the job and, if so, to assist in determining what accommodation would be required for the applicant to be able to perform the essential functions of the position. To see hundreds of sample job descriptions organized by job title and industry, go to the Job Description Manager Tool athttp://hr.blr.com/JDM.
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76341jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions 3D Digital Animator  National
9645jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Academic Department Head  National
9647jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Academic Department Head  National
1001jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accountant  National
9801jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accountant I  National
2087jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accountant/Auditor  National
9802jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounting Career Associate  National
9804jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounting Clerk II  National
9805jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounting Clerk III  National
9807jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounting Clerk Specialist IV  National
9808jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounting Technician  National
2088jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounts Payable Clerk  National
1762jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounts Payable Supervisor  National
9584jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Accounts Receivable Clerk  National
18506jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Acquisitions Editor  National
9835jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Activity Coordinator  National
93134jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Acupuncturist  National
87324jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Acute Care Nurse  National
81778jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Analyst Level I  National
81779jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Analyst Level II  National
81780jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Analyst Level III  National
1002jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Assistant  National
79185jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Assistant -- Human Resources  National
78703jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Assistant Human Resources  National
9925jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Assistant, Personnel  National
9648jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Clerk  National
82913jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Clerk  National
9836jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Director, Speech Pathology Services  National
1026jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Secretary  National
2089jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Secretary - Personnel  National
1083jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Services Manager  National
9649jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Administrative Supervisor, Diagnostic Center  National
9926jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Admissions Counselor  National
9837jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Admissions Representative  National
9838jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Adolescent Outpatient Program Coordinator  National
10133jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Advertising & Sales Coordinator  National
2446jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Advertising Account Executive  National
9753jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Aeronautical Engineer  National
1763jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Affirmative Action Officer  National
2091jobdescriptions.aspxJob Descriptions Agency Editorial Consultant  National
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