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Healthcare Insurance
National Summary
What do employers need to consider regarding healthcare benefits? The enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the latest step in a continuing shift from virtually no federal regulation of employer-sponsored health insurance to extensive substantive and administrative requirements. This regulation initially included the reporting, and disclosure and claims procedure requirements enacted in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Through the years, additional federal requirements were added, including portability and coverage guarantees, minimum maternity stays, mental health parity, required coverage of reconstructive surgery following a covered mastectomy, coverage of adoptees, and pediatric vaccine requirements. During the same period, there was a large increase in state insurance law benefit mandates.
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81850faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Are there any laws in place, either federal or New York State, which require employers to inform their employees of plan design changes which they make at renewal? If the insurance company sends out new id cards, does that suffice? What are the 03/04/2010National
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83429faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we charge employees extra for coverage of adult children up to age 26? 09/28/2010National
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85774faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we offer health insurance benefits to management-level employees only? 02/28/2011National
85513faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we pay the full family health insurance premium for employees with professional degrees and single premium amount for other employees? 02/15/2011National
81983faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we restrict our health care enrollment to employees who don't have any other coverage available (e.g., through spouse's employer)? 03/29/2010National
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82498faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can you tell me about a flat dollar contribution versus a percentage for employees in a qualified health plan? Also, are family members counted as employees for the small employer credit? 06/15/2010National
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82228faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Do self insured companies have to abide by the dependent coverage to age 26 law signed by President Obama after the Sept 23, 2010 date? 05/06/2010National
84677faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Do we have to offer coverage to an employee's under age 26 child who lost his job but has been offered COBRA? 01/11/2011National
82029faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Do you have a "sample notice" for the CHIPRA that an employer could pass out to their employees? 04/07/2010National
84430faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Does eligibility of a dependent under the age of 26 change if he or she is married, living out of state, or employed? 01/03/2011National
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