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Health Insurance Continuation (COBRA)
National Summary
What is COBRA? The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is intended to ensure that employees and their dependents can maintain their group healthcare coverage following certain events that otherwise would result in termination of coverage. COBRA’s protections are temporary and are intended as a stopgap until insurance is obtained from another source, such as a new employer. Employers do not have to pay for any portion of the premiums for COBRA coverage, but the beneficiaries get to maintain their insurance at less expensive group rates.
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85360faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers A former employee who was on COBRA passed away. Her husband was enrolled as her dependent Can he remain on COBRA? Are there special forms I will need? 02/09/2011National
92069faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers A NJ based company is no longer in business. What are it's COBRA obligations? 08/02/2012National
1727timesavers.aspxForms Affidavit of No Coverage By Another Group Health Plan  National
81124faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee has employee + spouse medical coverage at the time the employee is involuntary terminated. The employee is not eligible for COBRA subsidy because he is covered by Medicare. Is the spouse eligible for the COBRA subsidy? 11/02/2009National
82178faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee is eligible for Cobra because she lost insurance coverage due to a voluntary personal leave of absence. Does she qualify for the subsidy? 04/28/2010National
80701faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee is eligible for the COBRA premium subsidy under ARRA. Can she elect COBRA with the subsidy for only her dependent daughter, and not herself? 09/10/2009National
81629faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee is eligible for the employer's medical coverage, but he is covered by COBRA and wants to keep the less costly COBRA. Does COBRA terminate now? 01/26/2010National
90157faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee is on workers' comp. and he has exhausted FMLA leave. He has not paid his medical premiums in several weeks. Do we have to offer him COBRA? 10/05/2011National
81527faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee's self-employed spouse has had a decrease in business revenue. The employee wants to terminate their health insurance coverage. Is the loss of compensation from the spouse's self employment a qualifying event? 01/12/2010National
82565faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee's spouse lost coverage when her employer laid her off. She will enroll in employee's plan. Can their daughter (not previously covered on spouse's insurance) enroll too? 06/22/2010National
80667faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers An employee's spouse lost their job in 5/09 with their medical coverage getting cancelled 6/1/09. This individual made a last minute decision to not elect COBRA and now wants to enroll onto the employee's medical plan. Does the employee have 31 da 09/03/2009National
83268faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Are we obligated to send out Cobra letter to an active employee who terminates medical and/or dental coverage and transfers to other coverage. 09/03/2010National
80853faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers As an employer who has ex-employees on the COBRA subsidy program, how do you know if another company offers them other coverage which would make them ineligible for the subsidy? If a former employee who is on the subsidy gets another job and is offer 09/24/2009National
80739faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can an employee on COBRA elect to change from a POS to an HDHP? 09/14/2009National
80998faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can insurance carrier limit credit back 30 days when COBRA allows for more than that for notice? 10/19/2009National
80241faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can we cancel insurance for laid off employees during the COBRA 60-day grace period? 07/21/2009National
82336faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can you please tell me how a small employer applies for the Tax Credit? 05/20/2010National
80811faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Can you provide any written clarification regarding COBRA ending when a member relocates to an area outside of the insurance company's service area? 09/18/2009National
79714timesavers.aspxForms COBRA Alternative Notice (Includes COBRA Subsidy Information)  National
18323timesavers.aspxChecklists COBRA Continuation Coverage Checklist  National
79712timesavers.aspxForms COBRA General Notice (Includes COBRA Subsidy Information)  National
84802timesavers.aspxChecklists COBRA Gross Misconduct Policy Checklist  National
1524timesavers.aspxChecklists COBRA Recordkeeping Compliance Checklist  National
1728timesavers.aspxChecklists Contents of Notice to Qualified Beneficiaries  National
81849faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Did not inform COBRA participant of increase in plan premiums, can i collect difference between paid and increase? 03/04/2010National
81650faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Do have to offer Cobra to a person who has been fired for misconduct. Specifically, creating a hostile work environment and threatening others? 02/01/2010National
82044faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Do you have a copy of the most recent model notice being used at point of hire for COBRA notification rights? 04/12/2010National
82824faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Does a Canadian company have to comply with COBRA if it has only 7 employees working in the U.S.? 07/12/2010National
82165faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Does ARRA Premium Reduction consider the death of an employee as voluntary termination? If so, would we have to send the spouse and dependent the ARRA Premium Reduction Election Form or could we just send the COBRA information? 04/26/2010National
88988faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Employees must work 32+ hours per week to be eligible for health benefits. They do not work set hours. If they lose eligibility, we offer COBRA. Do they qualify for 18 months of COBRA everytime they regain and then lose eligibility? 07/27/2011National
82026faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers Even though groups under 20 employees for a majority of the previous 12 months do not fall under COBRA law, can they still offer COBRA to their terminated employees? 04/07/2010National
81604state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Fact Sheet: COBRA Premium Reduction  National
8576timesavers.aspxLetters Failure to Pay COBRA Premiums  National
82588faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers For purposes of NOT offering a former employee COBRA or State Continuation, what is the definition of "gross negligence" 06/23/2010National
79240state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Health Insurance Continuation: Requirements, by State  National
91750state_comparison_charts.aspxGuidance Health Insurance Continuation: Requirements, by State (PDF)  National
80685faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers How do I get the ARRA subsidy for a stand-alone carrier? 09/09/2009National
82351faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers How do we claim the credit for the 65% subsidized COBRA amount that we paid as an employer? 05/21/2010National
80626faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers How do we handle COBRA for an employee who goes on Medicare? 08/28/2009National
94790faqs.aspxQuestions & Answers How do you calculate when COBRA starts for an employee? 01/09/2014National
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