January 11, 2011
Delegation is a Six Step Process

What steps are involved in the process of delegation? What do your supervisors and managers need to know about the process of delegation? The following information can be conveyed to supervisors and managers about the delegation process and determining what tasks to delegate:

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Delegation is basically a six-step process.

  • The first step is to determine which tasks to delegate.
  • Step two is to define the task clearly in your own mind.
  • Step three is to select the right person for the job.
  • Step four is to explain the task thoroughly and clearly.
  • Step five is to monitor progress and provide support.
  • Step six is to follow up and make sure the task has been successfully completed.

The process of delegation starts with determining the task or tasks to delegate:

  • Generally, a task can be delegated if it’s similar to tasks already being performed by your employees.
  • Tasks that have clearly defined procedures and results are also good candidates for delegation.
  • Tasks that are repetitive, involving the same skills and activities throughout, are also easily delegated.
  • You should also consider delegating tasks that help employees develop new skills and have new work experiences. Jobs like these help employees develop professionally and prepare them for advancement. Of course, with development-oriented tasks, you’ll probably need to provide more training and support.
  • Tasks generally can’t be delegated successfully if they are of a sensitive or confidential nature, such as salary and performance reviews, or if they’re not clearly defined and have vague procedures and uncertain end results.

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