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96148news.aspxBackground ChecksNews California background checks: Different from the rest of the United States 10/28/2014National
95772news.aspxBackground ChecksNews California Background Checks: A Q & A with Lester Rosen 10/21/2014National
95796news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Background checks: New Illinois law prohibits criminal history inquiries on job applications 08/14/2014National
95594news.aspxBackground ChecksNews New wave of class actions for old (common) background check practices 07/21/2014National
95392news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Baltimore Adopts ‘Ban the Box’ Ordinance 05/22/2014National
95248news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Background checks: Recent New York lawsuit highlights importance of FCRA compliance 04/22/2014National
94989news.aspxBackground ChecksNews San Francisco passes 'ban the box' ordinance for private employers, city contractors 02/27/2014National
94807news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Peeking at Facebook before hiring may not be such a good idea 01/14/2014National
94268news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Criminal background checks: Navy Yard shooting points out need to scrutinize procedures 09/30/2013National
94039news.aspxBackground ChecksNews How do criminal records impact hiring decisions? 08/14/2013National
93861news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Q&A on conducting background checks for employment 07/08/2013National
93802news.aspxBackground ChecksNews 4 steps to comply with FCRA requirements for background checks 06/26/2013National
93112news.aspxBackground ChecksNews New York AG: City cannot bar felons from cabby jobs 02/15/2013National
92992news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Woman allegedly raped by coworker: negligent hiring? 01/23/2013National
92524news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Background checks: You need new forms on January 1! 10/31/2012National
92493news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Background checks: 4 steps to comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 10/23/2012National
92414news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Employer alert: FCRA notices must be updated effective January 1, 2013 10/10/2012National
91976news.aspxBackground ChecksNews How do we respond to arrests and convictions? 07/19/2012National
91525news.aspxBackground ChecksNews Video: EEOC Enforcement Guidance Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions 05/08/2012National
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