Alcohol and Drugs News
96240news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Legalize it? More states approve recreational marijuana use 11/11/2014National
95957news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Workforce drug test positivity rate increases for the first time in 10 years finds Quest Diagnostics 09/18/2014National
95766news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Alcohol, Drugs and the Workplace (Infographic): Occupations with High Rates of Substance Abuse 08/07/2014National
95602news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Medical pot covered by workers' comp, says appeals court 07/24/2014National
95508news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Florida public employer's preemployment drug test is unconstitutional 06/26/2014National
95512news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Prescription painkillers: A growing danger in the workplace 06/10/2014National
95462news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Minnesota passes medical marijuana law 06/02/2014National
95266news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews April is Alcohol Awareness Month; Impact felt in workplaces 04/23/2014National
95091news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Failed drug test not enough to deny unemployment benefits 03/19/2014National
94891news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Discriminatory drug testing leads to employer liability 02/03/2014National
94699news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Marijuana, cocaine now account for smaller proportion of positive employee drug tests 12/18/2013National
94387news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Synthetic marijuana intoxication: It can happen in your workplace 10/21/2013National
94167news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Employee fired for leaving drug rehab too soon: Legal? 09/10/2013National
94080news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews 4 steps to reduce the impact of alcohol on your employees 08/23/2013National
93899news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Suspension for alcohol use did not violate ADA 07/15/2013National
93681news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Report: Two-thirds of U.S. adults currently drink alcohol 05/30/2013National
93463news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews April 27 is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 04/24/2013National
93429news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews New warning on dangers of alcohol consumption on the job 04/17/2013National
93359news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Arrest rate for drug abuse violations decreases for fifth year 04/03/2013National
93065news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews How do I keep my workplace drug-free now that marijuana laws are changing? 02/06/2013National
93028news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Medical marijuana Q&A for employers 01/30/2013National
92899news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews ATA supports new hair drug-testing pilot project 01/09/2013National
92753news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews DOT responds to questions about states' 'recreational marijuana' initiatives 12/03/2012National
92676news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews 10 ways to limit holiday party liquor liability 11/26/2012National
92661news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Substance abuse and the ADA: When does drug use become a disability? 11/19/2012National
92451news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Report reveals concerns with Amtrak drug, alcohol testing 10/16/2012National
92430news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Drug-Free Work Week October 15 through 20 10/12/2012National
90533news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Alcohol and the Workplace: What to Do When Employee Is Arrested for DUI 12/02/2011National
90537news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace Is Not Just a Holiday Concern 12/01/2011National
90526news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews Alcohol in the Workplace: Ho, Ho, No! Real Life Examples Illustrate the Hazards 11/30/2011National
76200news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews 5 Jobs with Highest Rate of Drug Use 07/16/2007National
19054news.aspxAlcohol and DrugsNews 5 Tricks for Beating Pre-Employment Drug Tests -- And How to Catch Them 09/13/2006National
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