Workers' Compensation News
96184news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Tennessee court of appeals: Illegal aliens can file workers' comp claims 11/18/2014National
96096news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Minnesota employees alleging workers' comp retaliation have right to jury trial 11/06/2014National
95952news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews New Jersey workers' compensation benefits for off-site injury tied to employer control 10/13/2014National
95799news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Workers' compensation: Kansas Supreme Court says 'going and coming' rule didn't bar benefits 09/18/2014National
95918news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Arizona Cardinals defend concussion claims 09/10/2014National
95896news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Workers’ compensation granted for kickball injury 09/03/2014National
95521news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Missouri lowers burden of proof for workers' comp retaliation claims 07/10/2014National
95184news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Survey finds half of companies offering accident, disability insurance experience reductions in workers' comp claims 04/07/2014National
95125news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews 7 steps for getting employees back on the job 03/25/2014National
95099news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Workers' compensation: Was golf cart mishap a work-related injury or a joy ride? 03/21/2014National
94382news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Was coal-mining employee entitled to ‘black lung’ benefits? 10/17/2013National
94331news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Workers’ compensation: Is employer obligated to pay for physical therapy? 10/11/2013National
93600news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Workers' comp legislation introduced in House to benefit injured workers, help employers 05/16/2013National
93341news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Q&A on workers' comp, employee discipline, and termination 03/29/2013National
93295news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews 3 defenses for terminating workers' compensation claimants 03/21/2013National
92626news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Workers’ compensation: When can employer terminate a worker with a claim? 11/14/2012National
92429news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews 50-state study on workers’ comp rates released 10/11/2012National
92221news.aspxWorkers' CompensationNews Workers' comp in Michigan turns 100 on Labor Day 08/31/2012National
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