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January 28, 2011
Teach Employees to Conserve Energy in the Workplace

Do your employees know how much energy is wasted in the workplace? Do they know how to conserve energy in their homes and in their desks at work? Below is some information to convey to your employees.

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Remember, you use energy almost everywhere -- at the office, on your commute, and at home.

  • Think about the total energy costs of a computer and a monitor for each employee in your workplace -- not counting waste! Approximately 30 percent of energy in offices is wasted.
  • And on the roads, traffic accounts for over $100 billion in wasted fuel, lost productivity, and rising health costs.

We can all contribute to energy-saving efforts in our workplace, in our homes, and in our communities by:

  • Reducing electricity use;
  • Promoting sustainability, serving as an example of an "energy conserver" to those around you; and
  • Changing the technology you use to improve energy use efficiency.

You can also join the fight to conserve energy at your desk:

  • Always turn off PCs, monitors, printers, and copiers each night and before you leave for the weekend or vacation.
  • Always turn off your monitor if you step away from your monitor.
  • As we discussed, do not use moving screen savers.
  • Set your computer's energy-saving settings to sleep and hibernate when inactive. It's easy, and you won't have to remember to turn your monitor off every time if your computer does it automatically!
  • Use only the paper you need, and be careful to print only what is necessary. The cost of paper manufacturing, as well as the costs associated with transporting the paper, is high.
  • And as we've all been told since we were young, turn off lights and equipment when not in use.
  • Setting your power settings on your computer to automatically go into sleep/standby mode after 15 minutes or so of inactivity is simple and cost effective.
  • If you have a Windows XP operating system, you can find the power settings feature by going to Start on the lower left-hand side of your screen to access the Control Panel. In the control panel, go to Power Options.
  • If you use a Mac operating system, go to System Preferences to access the Energy Saver feature.

The above information comes from BLR's presentation "Saving Energy at Work and Beyond." For more information on all the training courses BLR has to offer, go to our Employee and Manager Training page.

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