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January 04, 2011
Qualities of a Good Coach in Your Organization

What should you communicate to your supervisors about the qualities of a good coach? How will the supervisors determine what qualities they should seek to acquire in order to be good coaches? You can provide supervisors with the following information about good coaching qualities:

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The qualities that will make you a good coach are qualities you already possess and use every day in your capacity as a supervisor.

  • Good coaches are positive and enthusiastic. They believe in people and the ability of every worker to grow and improve.
  • Good coaches are also knowledgeable. They inspire employee confidence because employees sense immediately that their coach knows from personal experience what he or she is talking about.
  • Good coaches are observant. They are continuously observing what their employees do and how they do it.
  • Good coaches are also good listeners. They ask questions and listen actively to their employees’ responses.
  • And good coaches are good communicators, too. They speak clearly and directly, adjusting to each employee’s level of expertise and understanding.
  • Good coaches are supportive. They provide their employees with the assistance and resources they need to succeed.
  • Good coaches are patient and understand that different people progress at different rates and in different ways.
  • Good coaches are tactful. They are careful of an employee’s feelings and always focus criticism on the work, not the individual.
  • Good coaches are also respectful of their employees, treating each employee as they would like to be treated themselves.
  • And finally, good coaches are empowering. Through the coaching process, they give employees the tools they need to build their careers and succeed in their jobs. They are not threatened by their employees’ success, and they do not need to control every aspect of their employees’ work. They welcome initiative and use delegation as a means to promote the growth and development of their employees.

The above information comes from BLR’s presentation ‘Coaching Techniques’. For more information on all the training courses BLR has to offer, go to our Employee and Manager Training page.

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