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February 08, 2011
Teamwork, Participation Are Generally Important to Baby Boomers

Each generation of employees has a set of common values and attitudes that grew out of influences during their formative years. For example, Baby Boomers grew up in a time when rights were a big issue—in schools, voting booths, housing, and workplaces. They came to work with the notion that they had rights as employees and employers had to respect their rights.

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Here are some other common values and attitudes of Boomers (i.e., those born after World War II and on into the early 1960s):

  • Boomers brought with them the optimism of the sixties and the belief that change could and should occur, and that at work as everywhere else in their lives, there were lots of possibilities within their grasp.
  • This generation has been more interested in career and personal growth than the previous generation.
  • They have also tended to value self-gratification and self-interest more than loyalty and dedication to the organization.
  • However, Boomers, for the most part, have been big on teamwork and participation. And when they moved into positions of power in the workplace, they put an emphasis on these strategies, which have been widely adopted and have proved very successful in American enterprises of all kinds.
    • The above information comes from BLR's presentation "Generational Diversity." For more information on all the training courses BLR has to offer, go to our Employee and Manager Training page.

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