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June 24, 2010
Effects of Harassment in Your Organization

Kristine Kwong discusses harassment effects in a BLR webinar entitled ‘Sexual Harassment: Real-Life Strategies to Reduce the Risks of Lawsuits and Defend Yourself if Necessary’. She states that harassment should be prohibited because it creates legal liability and also causes a lot of consequential effects for the other employees in the organization. She lists the following effects of harassment in an organization:

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  • Morale suffers: The victim of the harassment suffers. Also, the morale of the people who see the harassment occur also suffers
  • Absenteeism: People may also decide to quit as a result of the harassment of others and this creates an absenteeism or turnover issue for human resources
  • Turnover: There is a cost associated with turnover and the need to train new employees
  • Low productivity: When harassment exists, people can become less focused on their jobs and they may not be as productive
  • Costly litigation: It is also very expense to litigate harassment lawsuits. Also, within the organization, people and departments begin to divide into camps such as ‘I support the alleged victim’ camp or ‘I support the alleged harasser camp’. These camps can also affect productivity

Kristine Kwong, Esq. is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Musick, Peeler & Garrett ( www.musickpeeler.com). She is an experienced labor and employment law attorney who represents both private and public sector employers in federal and state courts throughout California in counseling and litigation.

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