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96098news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Court calls casino's bluff 11/10/2014National
96093news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Quick response to harassment complaints prevents employer liability 11/03/2014National
96041news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Ruling underscores importance of policy 10/31/2014National
95964news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Pizza—and sexual harassment—delivered: Was franchiser liable? 10/22/2014National
95961news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews When are employers liable for third-party sexual harassment? 10/17/2014National
96092news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews 90% of females in restaurant industry experience sexual harassment, says study 10/13/2014National
95800news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Coworker flirtation case may expand quid quo pro liability 09/19/2014National
95748news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Be careful how you treat employees after complaint is made 09/04/2014National
95744news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Employee's sexual harassment claim survives 09/02/2014National
95700news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews 5 lessons from sexual harassment complaint that cost employer $120,000 08/25/2014National
95694news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Accused sexual harasser wins $11.6 million jury verdict 08/18/2014National
95689news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews North Carolina company's prompt action after complaint wins lawsuit 08/13/2014National
95517news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Who's a supervisor? Texas appeals court gives an answer 07/07/2014National
95545news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Document performance problems to avoid unlawful retaliation charges 06/18/2014National
95365news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Court: Employer can be held liable for harassment from customer 05/15/2014National
95254news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Employer's prompt remedial action helps it avoid liability 04/23/2014National
95163news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Appeals court finds employee's coworkers sniffed her too much 04/02/2014National
95087news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Did supervisor's 'strange request' support employee's claim? 03/18/2014National
94921news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews When workplace gossip becomes harassment 02/13/2014National
94892news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Video: How should employers address workplace romances? 02/05/2014National
94889news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Workplace romance hazards for employers infographic: Broken hearts and legal headaches 02/04/2014National
94850news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Did hug from coworker qualify as harassment? 01/28/2014National
94800news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Appeals court sets out new rules for claims 01/15/2014National
94742news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Did employer's behavior meet 'severe or pervasive' standard? 12/31/2013National
94695news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Unpaid interns and sexual harassment: Court ruling's implications for employers 12/19/2013National
94556news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Supreme Court’s ‘supervisor’ ruling applied by 10th Circuit 11/20/2013National
94456news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Report to lead person may put employer on notice 10/31/2013National
94378news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Is employer liable for shift leader's bad acts? 10/18/2013National
94149news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Worker fired for intoxication claims retaliation, bias 09/09/2013National
94155news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Homecare firm to pay $302,500 for sexual harassment 09/06/2013National
94147news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Sexual harassment: Did hospital do enough to prevent it? 09/05/2013National
93975news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Construction company to pay over $100,000 to settle sexual harassment case 08/01/2013National
93820news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews HoneyBaked Ham settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $370,000 06/28/2013National
93690news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews New York church to pay $192,500 for sexual harassment 06/07/2013National
93556news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Employee claims supervisor, coworker harassed her 05/08/2013National
93385news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Was worker fired for sexual harassment complaint? 04/09/2013National
93232news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Did crude sexual comments amount to harassment? 03/12/2013National
93197news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Did sexual comments create a hostile environment? 03/04/2013National
93113news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Valentine’s Day round-up: How to handle workplace romances 02/14/2013National
93053news.aspxSexual HarassmentNews Infographic: Workplace romance is a potential nightmare for employers 02/05/2013National
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