Religious Discrimination News
96187news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Religious accommodations in the workplace: Appeals court sides with employee 11/10/2014National
95981news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Religion in the workplace: Employers can't discriminate on the basis of what they don't know 10/08/2014National
96054news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Penalizing praying player was an error, says NFL 10/03/2014National
95717news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews EEOC claims New York workers were forced to participate in 'Onionhead' religion 08/28/2014National
95696news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Washington Supreme Court: Employer had religious accommodation duty 08/19/2014National
95235news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews BLR Poll: 80% of employers do not provide a religious accommodation for any employees 04/15/2014National
95145news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Religious accommodation in the workplace: What’s required of employers? 04/01/2014National
95055news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews EEOC announces new guidance on religious dress and grooming under Title VII 03/11/2014National
94936news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Accommodation of employees' religious beliefs: Handle with care 02/19/2014National
94909news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Unanswered prayer: Court rejects employee's religious discrimination claim 02/10/2014National
94759news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews EEOC suit claimed employees were required to participate in Scientology religious practices 01/06/2014National
94579news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Court to employees: Speak up for religious accommodation 11/26/2013National
94479news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Religious discrimination case illustrates the wrong way to handle accommodation requests 11/07/2013National
93611news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Is a corporate officer an employee under Title VII? 05/20/2013National
93448news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Employer to pay $42,500 for requiring Sunday work 04/19/2013National
93365news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Was professional Scout held back because of his faith? 04/08/2013National
93078news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Restaurant pays $25,000 to Christian teen who wore skirt to work 02/08/2013National
92678news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews 'My religious faith says I can't work Sundays' 11/27/2012National
92377news.aspxReligious DiscriminationNews Pennsylvania firm to pay $30,000 for requiring Sunday work 10/04/2012National
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