Racial Discrimination News
95975news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination: Dreaded 'fit' comments doom case to trial 10/31/2014National
95698news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Did racial slur create a hostile work environment? 08/21/2014National
95631news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Did employee show sufficient evidence of discrimination and harassment? 08/06/2014National
95625news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Discrimination: Be careful what you write on a job application 07/30/2014National
95522news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Court gives reverse discrimination claim a green light 07/11/2014National
95339news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Discrimination: What is an 'adverse employment action'? 05/09/2014National
95043news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination and employee tips: Appellate court says casino cocktail waitresses have a case 03/10/2014National
95009news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews NFL wants to nix N-word: Can employers really regulate language? 03/05/2014National
94979news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination: Employer's contract no defense to liability 02/27/2014National
94899news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination: Employee suspended for threat has viable claim, court rules 02/06/2014National
94345news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Mobile insurance company sued by EEOC for discriminatory hair policy 10/16/2013National
94329news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews $1 million award for race, sex harassment upheld by appeals court 10/09/2013National
94254news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Bank of America to pay over $2.1 million for race discrimination 09/24/2013National
94074news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Health plan to pay $372,739 for retaliation 08/23/2013National
94033news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Did discrimination play role in job applicant not being hired? 08/20/2013National
94002news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Employee discipline record counters race discrimination claim 08/05/2013National
93768news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Texas energy company to pay $150,000 for racial bias 06/21/2013National
93720news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination: Does disparate impact equal disparate treatment? 06/10/2013National
93702news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination: Massachusetts probation office to pay $105,000 06/06/2013National
93706news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Wet Seal to pay $7.5 million for race discrimination 06/05/2013National
93404news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews East Coast Waffles settles retaliation lawsuit 04/12/2013National
93145news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Were job changes, pay cuts based on discrimination? 02/21/2013National
92969news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews OfficeMax pays $85,000 for bias, retaliation charges 01/18/2013National
92653news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Fired: Poor performance or race and age bias? 11/16/2012National
92642news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Fired due to poor work, or race bias? 11/15/2012National
92494news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Poor performance or race discrimination? 10/24/2012National
92469news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Meyer Tool to pay $325,000 for race discrimination 10/19/2012National
92460news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Florida company to pay $2.75M for racial harassment 10/18/2012National
92370news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination: Was firefighter test biased? 10/02/2012National
92241news.aspxRacial DiscriminationNews Race discrimination: Did a ‘Cat’s Paw’ get him disciplined? 09/06/2012National
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