Affirmative Action News
95539news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews BLR wins APEX Award of Excellence for ‘How to Write an Affirmative Action Plan’ 06/12/2014National
95262news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews High court upholds Michigan’s ban on affirmative action in higher education 04/22/2014National
95136news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Government contractors' ALERT: Changes coming for VETS-100 filing 03/26/2014National
95130news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews OFCCP releases disability self-identification form in Spanish 03/25/2014National
94608news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Update: Construction association files lawsuit to stop new affirmative action rule 03/25/2014National
95064news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Attorneys identify likely areas of OFCCP focus for upcoming compliance reviews 03/17/2014National
94865news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews OFCCP issues new form for disability self-identification 01/27/2014National
94748news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews ‘Get ready’ checklist—Preparing for the final rules for federal contractors 01/02/2014National
94744news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Construction association sues to stop disability rules 12/30/2013National
94701news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews OFCCP says don’t wait – solicit self-identification right away 12/17/2013National
94236news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Latest TRICARE decision favors OFCCP 09/26/2013National
94252news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Construction contractors: New affirmative action rules apply to you! 09/24/2013National
94259news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Final Regulations published in Federal Register VEVRAA and Section 503 rules effective March 24, 2014 09/24/2013National
94231news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews OFCCP publishes newly revised Federal Contract Compliance Manual (FCCM) 09/24/2013National
94190news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Video : What federal contractors need to know about new VEVRAA regs for hiring veterans 09/16/2013National
94191news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Video: New regs for hiring people with disabilities--what government contractors need to know 09/12/2013National
94120news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews OFCCP issues new Section 503 disability regulations: Changing the rules for federal government contractors 08/28/2013National
94121news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews OFCCP issues new VEVRAA regulations: New veterans rule for federal government contractors 08/28/2013National
94055news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Affirmative action news: OFCCP web chat reveals plans and priorities 08/15/2013National
93908news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Court decision provides latest guidance on whether hospitals are federal subcontractors 07/16/2013National
93797news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Affirmative action: What does Supreme Court’s Fisher decision mean for employers? 06/24/2013National
92870news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews The 411 on the EEO-1 01/17/2013National
92927news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews What contractors should expect with the 'new'census file 01/11/2013National
92845news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews OMB approves functional affirmative action plan (FAAP) program 12/19/2012National
92781news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Using DOL's employment resource referral directory 12/07/2012National
92456news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Video: How will election impact HR and employment law? 10/17/2012National
92309news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Contractors being cited for discrimination against men, other nonminorities 09/20/2012National
92275news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews UPDATE: Frito-Lay crunches on 09/13/2012National
92253news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Waiting on the (AA) world to change 09/10/2012National
92157news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews FAQ on EEO-1 report: Procedural questions 08/21/2012National
92155news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews FAQ on EEO-1 reports: When must you file? 08/20/2012National
92156news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews FAQ on EEO-1 reports: Will errors bring an audit? 08/20/2012National
92063news.aspxAffirmative ActionNews Congressional hearings on proposed rules 08/03/2012National
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