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96192news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Georgia Department of Labor cracks down on independent contractor misclassification 11/11/2014National
96185news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Are 'joint employer' claims the next big thing in employment law? 11/03/2014National
96105news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Alabama joins the misclassification bandwagon! 10/15/2014National
95814news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Appeals court rules delivery drivers are employees, not independent contractors 09/25/2014National
95801news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Were exotic dancers and drywall laborers independent contractors or employees? 09/22/2014National
95634news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Were Oregon workers independent contractors or employees? 08/11/2014National
95604news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Independent contractor status depends on satisfying 3 part test 07/28/2014National
95491news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Independent contractor misclassification costs Colorado employer $2 million 06/17/2014National
95450news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Employee or independent contractor? 3 tips for making the correct classification 06/04/2014National
95292news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Buffalo Jills rally to challenge independent contractor status 04/30/2014National
95246news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews 10 Sins of Employee Wage and Hour Video: Sin #4 – Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors 04/21/2014National
94838news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Independent Contractors vs. Employees: DOL is Knocking 01/22/2014National
94219news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Were service technicians independent contractors? 09/25/2013National
93095news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Independent contractors: DOL takes aim at misclassification 02/12/2013National
93076news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Can 'independent contractor' pursue sex discrimination claims? 02/07/2013National
92938news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Are you classifying independent contractors correctly? 01/14/2013National
92530news.aspxIndependent ContractorsNews Video: Independent Contractor vs. Employee Misclassification Risks 10/31/2012National
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