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96037news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Overtime compensation: An FLSA lesson learned? 10/27/2014National
96033news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA: Overtime to make the donuts? 10/22/2014National
95966news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Employee misclassification crackdown: DOL shells out millions to fund detection and enforcement 09/16/2014National
95940news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Late wage payments can violate the FLSA 09/15/2014National
95924news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA class and collective actions on the rise 09/09/2014National
92227news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA "Right to Know" rules face post-election delays 09/04/2014National
95784news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Did educational background, exercise of discretion nix employees’ overtime pay eligibility? 08/18/2014National
95526news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Buyer, beware: Successor employer may be liable for FLSA claims against predecessor 07/16/2014National
95659news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Was intern entitled to minimum wage, overtime for working as ‘public agency volunteer’? 07/15/2014National
95492news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA: Federal appeals court says CEO can be personally liable for violations 06/18/2014National
95415news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Arbitration: 11th Circuit OKs waivers for FLSA collective actions 05/28/2014National
95297news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News U.S. Appeals Court rules CEO can be personally liable for FLSA violations 05/02/2014National
95287news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News 10 Sins of Employee Wage and Hour Video: Sin #9 – Assuming Interns Don't Have To Be Paid 04/29/2014National
95282news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Tips to decrease the risk of intern lawsuits 04/29/2014National
95280news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News 10 Sins of Employee Wage and Hour Video: Sin #8 – Making Side Agreements 04/28/2014National
95269news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News 10 Sins of Employee Wage and Hour Video: Sin #7 – Forgetting State Law 04/24/2014National
95240news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News WHD: 6 criteria to determine if an internship can be unpaid 04/22/2014National
95238news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News 10 Sins of Employee Wage and Hour (Video): Sin #2 – Failure to Pay for All Hours Worked 04/16/2014National
95017news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Labor Secretary Perez comments on proposed 2015 DOL budget 03/06/2014National
94874news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News What did employers pay for FLSA violations in 2013? Regional maps provide a closer look 02/03/2014National
94867news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Unionized employers and the FLSA: Supreme Court says no pay for dressing under the CBA 01/29/2014National
94825news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News 2nd Circuit rules on exempt status of employees earning more than $100,000 per year 01/20/2014National
94789news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Employee retaliation: Not all complaints constitute 'protected activity' 01/10/2014National
92816news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FMLA, FLSA and winter weather infographic: Handling employee pay and leave 01/09/2014National
94602news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Employee sues FedEx for violations of the FLSA and the EPA 11/26/2013National
94603news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Days Inn franchisee agrees to pay more than $123,000 in back wages, damages 11/22/2013National
94492news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Misclassification litigation remains key concern for employers, says survey 11/11/2013National
94481news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA liability: It can get personal 11/07/2013National
94476news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA gives hospitals trouble 11/06/2013National
94466news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Motel must pay employees $51K for overtime back wages and FLSA, FMLA violations 11/05/2013National
94373news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Court: Violating FLSA rights of illegally hired workers isn't OK 10/17/2013National
94365news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA claims were not subject to arbitration 10/14/2013National
94309news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Court of appeals: Class action waivers are enforceable 10/07/2013National
94229news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Direct care workers now entitled to minimum wage, overtime protections 09/18/2013National
94171news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA: Work done during breaks may violate law 09/11/2013National
94048news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA: Was route salesman exempt? 08/21/2013National
93863news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Unpaid internship lawsuits: Legal expert offers advice to employers (Video) 07/08/2013National
93766news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News SCOTUS ruling is good news for employers 06/19/2013National
93771news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News Federal court rules in favor of unpaid interns: Certifies class action 06/18/2013National
93498news.aspxFair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)News FLSA: Supreme Court rules on class action cases 04/30/2013National
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