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95923news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Same-sex partner granted death benefits after hotel worker killed 10/03/2014National
95912news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews 7th Circuit strikes down same-sex marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin 09/08/2014National
95898news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Federal court upholds Louisiana’s ban on same-sex marriage 09/04/2014National
95718news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews 4th Circuit affirms: Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional 07/29/2014National
95649news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Latest developments on state same-sex marriage bans 07/10/2014National
95621news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Same-sex marriage ban in Kentucky struck down 07/02/2014National
95367news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Gay marriage bans struck down in Idaho and Arkansas 05/15/2014National
94987news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Court strikes down Texas same-sex marriage ban 02/27/2014National
94980news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews New Mexico employers: High court's same-sex marriage decision has broad implications 02/27/2014National
94930news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Virginia same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional, rules court 02/14/2014National
94764news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Supreme Court grants stay, halts same-sex marriage in Utah 01/06/2014National
94743news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Courts in Utah and Ohio issue decisions on same-sex marriage 12/27/2013National
94722news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews New Mexico Supreme Court ruling permits same-sex marriage 12/20/2013National
94596news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Governor Pat Quinn signs bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois 11/21/2013National
94534news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Hawaii becomes 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage 11/14/2013National
94523news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Hawaii Senate passes same-sex marriage law 11/13/2013National
94493news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Illinois moves toward legalizing same-sex marriage 11/06/2013National
94408news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Same-sex marriage legalized in New Jersey 10/21/2013National
94274news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews New Jersey court rules same-sex marriage must be allowed 09/28/2013National
94127news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews HHS issues guidance in response to DOMA ruling 08/30/2013National
94129news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews IRS will treat same-sex marriages the same as heterosexual ones 08/30/2013National
94128news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Treasury, IRS rules on treatment of same-sex couples for federal tax purposes 08/29/2013National
94117news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Study: Employers reacting positively to DOMA, but looking for guidance on making changes to employee benefits 08/28/2013National
94057news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Gov't plans to extend same-sex spouse benefits to uniformed servicemembers 08/15/2013National
93827news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Supreme Court round-up for HR 06/28/2013National
93824news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Video: What SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, same-sex marriage means for employers 06/27/2013National
93823news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews What does the Supreme Court’s invalidation of DOMA mean for employee benefits? 06/27/2013National
93813news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews SCOTUS dismisses Proposition 8 case 06/26/2013National
93811news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews SCOTUS rules DOMA is unconstitutional 06/26/2013National
93563news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Reminder: Delaware legalizes same-sex marriage (effective July 1) 06/20/2013National
93762news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Philadelphia to offer nation’s first equality tax credit 06/19/2013National
93302news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Reminder: Colorado Civil Union Act takes effect May 1 04/29/2013National
93314news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Employers file Supreme Court brief in same-sex marriage case 03/25/2013National
92849news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Maine law: Same-sex couples allowed to marry starting December 29 12/26/2012National
92848news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Maryland law permitting same-sex marriage effective January 1, 2013 12/20/2012National
92788news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews U.S. Supreme Court agrees to hear same-sex marriage cases 12/10/2012National
92775news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews Washington same-sex marriage law goes into effect: Impact on employers 12/06/2012National
92468news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews NY federal appeals court finds DOMA unconstitutional 10/18/2012National
92130news.aspxDomestic Partner BenefitsNews What's the benefit status of 'life partnerships'? 08/15/2012National
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