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  • Wednesday, November 25, 2015
    After taking a relatively standard approach for more than 20 years that the so-called public-policy exception to at-will employment applies only to situations where an employer (1) requires an employee to violate criminal law or (2) the reason for the employee's termination is itself a violation of criminal law, the South Carolina Court of Appeals has changed the legal landscape. Read on to see what the court did.
  • Telling a 58-year-old candidate for a job opening that he wasn't selected because the hiring committee was focused on "mid-career" candidates and the committee didn't want to hire "someone who had been around for a long time" results in an age discrimination claim going to trial.
  • “When it comes to workplace violence training, a lot of organizations are ‘doing the right thing the wrong way,’” says Jay Hart, director of Force Training Institute. So, how can trainers avoid those mistakes? “Just the words ‘workplace violence’ or ‘active shooter’ can frighten people and turn off their willingness to be open to your training program,” Hart says.
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